Thursday 1 January 2009


Hi everyone,
I hope you had a safe and good New Years.

I got up really early on new years eve an got on a train to london, 
queued outside the Apollo Victoria theatre from 7am till 10am when they opened...
why i hear ask? .......

because after me and paul kept chatting about seeing Wicked and me humming the songs, 
my daughter really wanted to see it....
and every morning at 10am they give out 24 front row tickets for just £25.00 each!

can you believe I wasn't the 1st there either, there were 8 ladies there before me 
who had slept there in sleeping bags the whole night! 
and a few others that got there at between 6 and 7am!
so i was lucky to get them, but get them i did ......woohooo

My daughter had xmas money, and it made me so proud when she offered to pay 
for both tickets, of course i didn't let her.
anyway I cant stop singing the songs ..I think I am a little obsessed...
 Defying Gravity is my favorite song, I would definitely go again.

anyway it really inspired me, 
and I wanted to make a desktop cos we have all gone a bit wicked mad in this house....
I did tell you I was a little obsessed...
its on my desktop right now, i made it from scratch, just using brushes and filters. 
even got paul (my hubby) to draw the witch, which i then made into a brush.. he he.

anyway I am pretty pleased with how it came out so thought I would share, 
just in case there are any other Wicked fans out there.


we took a couple of piccies outside, 
and i just might try my hand at an actual scrap page for my new scrap book!

you can download the desktop I made HERE

till next time
Diane x


Michele said...

Oh I am jealous! I love Wicked too. But definitely did not see it sitting in the front row! lol Very cool and I love the desktop!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous. I tried here in Salt Lake City, Utah to get tickets, NOT 1 TIME BUT 2 and could not even get thru on the phone or computer. It sold out in 7 hours and it is going to be here for almost 1 month. I am so disappointed. I love this show.

Thanks for the desk top!

Dianna said...

Hmmm...could this be inspiration material for a new kit?

Kerrin said...

You sure know I snagged away:)

Tickets are quite expensive here in Aus but hubby can get them slightly cheaper through work so we're hoping to catch it again sooner or later:)

deerwilderness said...

Thank you for sharing this great deaktop with us.

Mags said...

You captured the essence of the play just right with this desktop!
THX so much!!
:) Mags

Diane said...

thanks for all the comments, glad you like x
hugs Diane x

Anonymous said...

Hello Dianne! I love it, and added it to my collection of your work. THANK YOU!!!