Thursday 9 April 2009


thinks i am becoming a little Twilight am halfway through the 3rd book, must say, although I enjoyed the film, the books are far better, but then that is usually the case isnt it....?

so I have been busy writing tutorials lately...its a nice break from designing and it is my first love..he he...and because of that I have 8 tutorials written up recently...check them out HERE

you can also check out what me and creative team have been up to..HERE


till next time

Diane x

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Scraps By Rachel Dobbs said...

I found charms you feature on your blog, I am putting together this months "Inspiring Designs" ezine featuring digital scrapbooking and layouts featuring charms and designers. I would like to know if you would grant permission for me to feature your blog, your charms and you in the ezine for this qaurter. If so, please leave me a comment with your blog URL on my blog comments or my chat page at

Thank you.