Saturday 9 January 2010


wow its been soooo cold and the snow is causing havoc everywhere here, we are just not used to having snow here, although we have enjoyed playing in it, lol
COMING MONDAY..........................Twilight Scraps HERE
I have revamped my old CSI kit , its biger and better than ever, I'm really happy with how it came out.
I'm a big fan of the shows, infact I'm just watching New York right now....ha ha.

running and posting cos I'm really tired, have a great weekend everyone...
huggerz diane xxx


Gothic Inspirations said...

Doing another tut and swinging by to snag the mask link again, when I saw this fab kit!! Awesome work hunnies. Xox Jessica

Anonymous said...

Is this kit still available? Ive been over to stargazer and spent over an hour searching and still haven't found it :( Am a huge csi fan so would love this! x

Diane said...

hiya emma yep it is hun its right here