Monday 13 December 2010



so here is a sneaky peak at a new kit, I hit a bit of a snag as i did originally make this in both full and tagger size, however disaster struck and my external hard drive has had metdown :(  and i had only uploaded the freebie samplers and the tagger size when it happened... :( so the full size kit got lost.

its not the first time this has happened..i guess i dont have a lot of luck with them for whatever reason?
but its not a total loss as I have managed to get some of my stuff back, only a small portion about 15% ut better than a kick up the bum i would say :)


PsP Yolanda said...

Another beautifull kit i Think
I love your kits and love to play with it.. Great work
Hugs Yolanda xxxx

Unknown said...

Looks fabulous.
Just a note to let you know your blog has been linked as one of my top blogs.