Sunday 16 January 2011


So I have been playing with my blog again, i thought it was overdue a face lift as i still had my bah humbug xmas theme up, he he, so i hope you like it,  and I used my own kit - Snow is Falling. all designed and coded by me, it looks good on my screen so i hope it does on yours too?

so this is my theme as its still pretty cold and miserable here. although considering whats been going on in Aus lately im not complaining, ..... my heart goes out to alll those affected by the freaky weather and floods they are having.  its been on the news alot here in the UK and i have to say I was so impressed by the community spirit that seems to be involved in the clean was so inspirational to see the whole community whether they were affected or not just pitch in and start cleaning up amazing!

enough of my ramblings...Im off for a cuppa s till next time
Diane xoxox

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