Thursday 26 April 2012

Hubby's new film!!!

hellooo blog readers....
hope you are having a great day... Ciao 
 I thought I would share this little titbit as we are all quite excited about this in our house Yay

after working almost non stop for the last few months,
my husband has just finished his Film a Landscape of Lies
   a low budget British indie film 
starring  Andrea Mclean (Loose Women) here IMDB link is HERE
Danny Midwinter ( The rise of the Krays ) his IMDB link is HERE 
Anna Passey ( Hollyoaks ) her IMDB link is HERE 
Marc Bannerman ( Eastenders ) his IMDB link is HERE

Paul wrote directed and produced the film and cut the trailer himself.


hope you enjoy the trailer

till next time Diane xoxo


Vivienne said...

Looks excellent. Probably not my type of film but my husband and son will like it for sure. I think my son has read all of Paul's books.

Diane - CandysTreats said...

thanks for the support Dragonfly xoxo

Twinky said...

LOOKS AWESOME!! he did a fantastic job with the Trailor, and I can't wait to see the movie!! xxx

Diane said...

thanks for the support Twinky, it means alot to us xxx

MadHatterJen said...

That is awesome about his film! I worked for a few years in the television industry and I had always wanted to get into film production. If he ever needs any help...I'd be happy to volunteer my time. Awesome job! The trailer looks great!

Unknown said...

Wow you both must be very proud! Looks great and good luck with this : )

Diane said...

thanks so much for your comments...much appreciated..x

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