Saturday, 28 May 2016

Pandorica Movie

Recently I got to see a special screening of Pandorica movie 
which is an British independent film our buddy Marc Zammit is in. 
he plays a character called Ares.
Directed by Tom Paton

Pandorica revolves around the leadership trials of The Varosha Tribe. Eiren, 
Ares and Thade are all in line to lead the next generation of their people.
They journey out of the safety of their home towards a dark forest miles away with the tribe’s current leader Nus. Here they will take part in an age old tradition where Nus will choose his successor. Only but they are not the only ones in the forest that night and a battle ensues that only the toughest will survive 

check out the trailer on one of their social media pages 
 I liked the costume design and makeup, the masks featured in the film reminded 
me of Predator. the cinematography overall looks great, and it has good pacing.
kudos to the cast and crew who shot the feature on a small budget of £75,000

you can check out the facebook page HERE
and Twitter HERE
its had some great reviews from starburst magazine here 
 and the film is out worldwide June 15th

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