Sunday, 12 June 2016

film poster design

Hi guys,  So I think I have mentioned before that my husband 
Paul Knight is an independent filmmaker.......
well, I have been playing around with the stills from the film
and have come up with some graphics to help promote it.

the film is currently in post production (being edited to you and I) 
the 1st design is an idea for the poster/dvd cover

if you would like to know more about this movie 
you can get updates on my husbands page on Facebook HERE
please follow his journey, its been a long and arduous one.  
 as we progress more updates and photos will be added, 
and release dates etc coming soon.
 also his IMDB page is HERE
& his twitter HERE

below are graphics designed for Facebook covers
 I have made them 851 x 315 
which I believe is the correct size for a Facebook cover photo

would love to know what you think?

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