Saturday 9 May 2020


hellooooo blogettes!

Its been some time since I updated, hasn't it! Alot has happened,
These days I am teaching a complex needs class in a special school.
Right now, during the corona virus, its a strange, worrying and often stressful time so I have found myself tagging here and there, just for my own pleasure. I have had several requests to renew the links to my freebies. so I thought I would go through the blog and tidy it up and renew dead links as and when I see them. I hope my freebies come in useful for you.

This is a previous PTU kit. 'PINK TO MAKE THE BOYS WINK'

This is a digital scrap kit not a full size so perfect for taggers
and Id love to see any tags you make.
 my facebook page is HERE 
Its now FREE from my box account HERE
In addition, my husband and I worked his latest feature film
which incredibly we managed to get distribution for and has been released on DVD and VOD around the world! '24 Hours in London' as it known in the UK is available on Amazon HERE Sky and on DVD in stores such as HMV, Morrisons and Asda!

The rest of the world the film in known as 24 Little Hours.
 This is the worldwide poster for 24 Little Hours
available now on Amazon HERE

You can hear My husband Paul and I chat shooting an independent feature film in 8 days
on The Filmmakers Podcast with Giles Alderson. 
We talk about finally releasing A Landscape of Lies after years of struggle and then how we shot 24 hours in London in just 8 days!

Apple link 

Spotify link next time, stay safe
Diane x


Tina McKie said...

Thank you for this lovely kit! I created a tutorial with it here:

Shez Creationz said...

TYSVM for the great kit:)

Mystic said...

Thank you for the kit. I was directed here to do a challenge with this kit.
Let see what I can make up. I see there is a Tutorial listed in the comments. I might take a crack at it.
Thank you,


Magik said...

Thank you so much for this stellar kit. =)

Betsy E.PsP said...

Thanks for for the beautiful kit, it's cool and sweet in the same time xx

Kittie24 said...

Thank you!!