Tuesday 3 February 2009

Snow much fun!!!

hi blog readers...

wow we have SNOW!!! for the second day running!!! this is very unusual in the UK where i live. it hasnt snowed like this in years!!!..acording to the news, The last time winter temperatures were lower was in 1997.
we are, as usual, totally unprepared for it...the country seems to come to a halt whenever we get a bit of snow, the schools are closed for the 2nd day running today..my girls are not complaining..lol

Trains are operating but still at a reduced level, .London City airport remains closed until further notice, while Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick airports are predicting a second day of "significant delays and cancellations". ..and with more snow due..i wander what will happen by the end of the week....its quite shocking what a bit of adverse weather can do....

but as i said my girls are loving it...and everything looks so pretty! we had snowball fights yesterday, and we built a snowman in the garden.. Photobucket
here is a couple of shots from yesterdays Snow fun...sorry i suck at actual layouts..lol


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