Friday 23 October 2015

Book cover - Concrete Roots

I have some exciting news to share!
I designed a book cover for my husbands book 
Now I don't normally design for other people as I find it quite stressful and I usually
do graphics etc just for fun or to relax.
but as it was my husbands book and as I have read it a few times now, its all its various stages of life
 I felt very familiar with the story and felt comfortable having a go.

the concept and ideas changed several times, as my original idea I couldnt quite pull off
 but we eventually were both pretty happy with the results.
here is the front cover

Paul's website is HERE 

CONCRETE ROOTS – Inspired by true events
Can a dark and deeply troubled boy embrace the disturbing allure of his family’s ruthless criminal empire with their code of loyalty and respect that has been ingrained for generations and maintain his humanity?
This is Billy Michaels baptism into the shadowy underworld, his villainous East End roots and the blind devotion to his brothers that may lead to his damnation.
Will his family be his greatest strength or biggest weakness?

 available for pre-order for the Kindle HERE
or the paperback is available on on pre-order from Amazon HERE