Monday 19 October 2015


Hello blog readers,

As does happen from time to time I have been busy with life in general, working, 
having 2 kids and a husband will do that I guess so I haven't had much time for updates.

the Knight household are all super excited as always for ComicCon this weekend! yay!!!!
I hope you have your tickets, cos weekend passes are already sold out...eek!

my girls wanna see Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval) 
who is doing a Panel for his web series WIRELESS
which you can check out on his youtube Channel HERE 

the girls will also be cosplaying again this year so 
its been hive of sewing and gluing activity around here ;)
anyone else going? if you are, what are you looking forward to?

so I have been sorting through all my old files and I found a few kits that
I will be sharing over the next few weeks, I have a great Halloween one coming ;)

this is an old PTU kit now as a freebie for you. 
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download from my Box account HERE
have a great weekend xoxo


DawnG said...

Thank you just love the colors

Donna said...

Very Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Black Mamba's Blog said...

thank you so much for sharing this lovley scrapset♥♥♥

Kittie24 said...

Thank you....

Juanita said...

Thank you for sharing hun!

penny¢ said...

Thank you!

Magda said...

Thanks so much!!

Unknown said...

thank you so much pretty kit :)

Unknown said...

Thank you!