Sunday 4 December 2016

Bah Humbug Freebie

Well hey there blog readers!

Shameless plug
 I am very proud of my husband, he has made a film! which is a massive achievement in itself, but the work is far from over,  this has been no easy task for him, infact he hit so many obstacles with this film that at one point we thought it was cursed! but my husband is many things but he is not a quitter! its taken him a very loooong time but he learnt new skills such as editing and grading and has now completed the directors cut of A Landscape of Lies
the film is a Crime Drama/Thriller 
LogLine:  4 lives become entangled in a web of deceit, betrayal,
and ambition following the murder investigation of a war hero.

This is an independent film so please watch the trailer Link is HERE
and IF you like what you see and want to know more
please follow his film production page LINK HERE  where all news, updates will be.

As for me well I think we all know I am not scrapping anymore, nor have I been blogging regularly, 
what can I say... having 2 kids, a husband, working full time in a special needs school
will do that I guess... so the time I have had has been spent with my family.
but I have had a few taggers contact me on my facebook page about my Bah Humbug kit,
So I hope you enjoy this freebie

BAH HUMBUG - tagger size

you can download the entire kit HERE


 till next time 
Diane x


Charmed Designs said...

Thanks for the kit Diane.

JustJo63-AussieNut said...

What an awesome kit, ty so much x x x

Babji Shaik said...

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SaKiWhi said...
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Kittie24 said...

Thank you!!

KKG said...

nice kits thanks for sharing

Pammers said...

thanks for sharing your talent