Monday 30 December 2019

New Trailer, Title & Poster For Paul Knights Crime Film 24 HOURS IN LONDON.

Hey bloggettes 

So as you can see from the updates I have not been around for quite some time.

so what have I been up to? The hubby and I have been busy making another film!
IMDb link
amazingly the film got picked up for distribution.  
the distributor for the UK wanted to change the title and poster from 24 Little Hours 
to 24 Hours in London, UK poster is below and will be available in the shops from
                                                                   13th January 2020

the film is a Action/Crime/Thriller 

When Justice fails, Vengeance will rise
A vengeful ex-con goes on a 24 hour killing spree, never saying a word. The discredited detective investigating the case is convinced there is more to it than the evidence suggests.

What a difference a day make... 24 little hours

Below is the original poster for the US and the rest of Europe where the films title will stay the original title  24 Little Hours

This is a British independent film so please watch the trailer and you 
can get updates on the films website 
alternatively the films facebook page


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