Saturday 19 July 2008


hiya just a quick post to let you know that my computer crashed AGAIN!
can you believe it....I know i can't! I know it's old and tired but man, aint we all!!!
yesterday morning I just couldnt get it to start up at all......the thing kept just restarting all the time??? we have made some headway in getting it going again, bless my Paul for his patience....he was up till 4am this morning trying to get it working again.......if it was left to me I would have thrown the thing out of the window long ago!
but I am on another computer typing this, because mine still has no internet connection, and it has totally wiped my email accounts out and whatever it was it totally whiped out all my stuff on my hard drive, luckily i did a back up not that long ago though so not everything was lost....the emails are the problem at the moment, so if you have emailed me in the last couple of days and you think I am ignoring not honest! I just havent got your you may need to send it again...but not yet as it is still not set up. I will post again when I am good to go...

also I am working on an automated system for sending out my PTU kits, so again if you have purchased a kit in the last 2 days PLEASE bear with me.....

till next time..
Diane x

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Aleah'sMommy said...

good luck with your computer! I hope you didnt lose too much =)