Thursday 18 December 2008

OMG shocked is an understatement!

I do not normally join in these petty squabbles as i left the playground a long time ago! but now this is affecting me i feel i have a say now...

Amanda (owner of tagger scraps) has been the target of a hate campaign recently... the latest stunt of someone hacking into the store and deleting beyond shocking!

1st there was some blogs bashing her, and various bashing emails floating about...its shocking enough the things that were said on these blogs!

I am sorry IF some designers got a rough deal, although I am still waiting on that PROOF that you said we can all read if we email....
I emailed asking for proof...received nothing....????

so to me these are unfounded all i have to go on is ..

1.someone who is trashing Amanda through blogs and various sharing groups! own personal experience....

I have been a designer at Amanda's store for months...and I have NEVER had a problem with not being paid the money I was due.

then i woke up yesterday to the Store being down....thought maybe it was a technical hitch..emailed Amanda asking her what was up?......then we get an email from Amanda informing us that Taggers Scraps got hacked and everything was deleted!

Amanda had backed it up so its back up again for now....but she is throwing in the towel and taggers scraps will be closing.... so that's it... now we have to find a new home to sell our designs, I was happy there, had no problems there, but now to be honest do i really want to?

so think people before you jump on that mob mentality band wagon, just think for a minute of the lives that you are affecting, we are real people with our own struggles and battles....

because of your personal vendetta against Amanda, which had nothing to do with me or the other 20 or so designers..we now have to move stores or give up?

i hope you are pleased with your victory...merry christmas


Anonymous said...

I'm not one who commented on the said site, but I have to say...
"Open Your Eyes!"
Amanda has you under her spell.
I'm sorry taggers scraps closed and you no longer sell there, but please don't blame the 'hacking' on anyone but the store owner.
The site was never hacked. Someone threw a tantrum (mmmm familiar) and deleted everything.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ma'am.
We have received no email from you requesting the documentation proving what was being said like you have stated in your blog post. If you would like that documentation please send an email to, just like it was stated in the blog, and it will be emailed to you.
As for Taggers Scraps closing that was Amanda's choice because she didn't want to face the music that was about to take place. To many people were saying what happened to them, to many people were reporting her to paypal and it was easier on her to close the store than face the truth and face her designers when they found out he truth.
I'll fault no one for standing up for what they believe in but please ma'am, before you accuse anyone of having a "mob mentality" and before you try to lay a guilt trip on someone for saying what has happened to them, remember the lives that Amanda has touched. Think of all the money that was gotten from others that was not hers to keep. And then think of how many of them will have a Merry Christmas knowing the money they counted on for gifts for their own little ones is under someone else's (Amanda's) Christmas Tree.
Your one of the lucky ones because you say she never took money from you so maybe, unlike others, you will have a Merry Christmas. Some, unfortunately, aren't so lucky!!!

Diane said...

i did send the email and i have now recieved the download....will go through it when i get a chance....

and NO I wont be having a merry christmas! thanks anyway ANNONYMOUS!!!!
hate talking to nameless people!

Anonymous said...

Greetings and Salutations to All,
My name is Nemesis and for the record..You speak of the psp world bashing poor amanda but be assured had anyone from my campaign hacked into her site the records would not have suddenly disappeared..why would we hack to delete rather then save to prove all her records are falsified?..your logic is illogical dearheart...Also, you speak of rumors but yet you post that somehow I am involved with her scurrying to close her site to protect herself from any illegal activity within her records..If I knew I was targeted and had not kept legal records and did not want anyone to see them as I could be prosecuted I would delete them myself..So you sit and accuse me of things with no valid proof except for amandas word (because we have learned she is above reproach)and slander me?...I think in my part of the world we call that the pot calling the kettle black...just my humble opinions..and p.s. dont worry if you delete my post like amanda and others have on their blog after attacking us, I have saved your post and mine for the information blog...scrappers beware!!...Happy Holidays, Nemesis

Anonymous said...

Dont know where I should leave this comment since so many blogs posted about this issue.

I for one want to thank Taggers Scraps for the amazing customer service.

Something went wrong I emailed them and they replied fast and got every single item I bought really quick aswell.

They gave their apolagies several times for the inconvenience and made sure I got my kits asap.

I dont know the entire story I only know how I was treated and they handled my problem with great care.

Diane please dont stop making kits you are by far my favorite, first kits I bought were from you.

I actually won a forum challenge using you freebie kits and won 2 of your PTU kits.

Diane said...

for the record i didnt say she closed her site to protect herself from any illegal activity within her records, i said she closed it becasue of this campaign against her. and no wonder! but why am i even explaining myself.....
i do not need to justify myself to you or anyone else! i have done nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

This is very sad. I don't know who did what, but I am sorry that you are having this difficulty to deal with, particularly since it is in no way of your making. I hope all the innocent parties come out of this whole and that you will find a new place to share your work with us. May your new year start better than this one is ending. God Bless.