Saturday 20 December 2008


the kids have broken up for school now, so am taking some time off from designing to spend with the family...I am also gonna take the time to see if I want to continue in the new to be honest after everything that has gone on I am feeling very discouraged and unmotivated right now.

gonna have a buy one get one free sale on my site though over the hols so you can grab a bargain if you so wish...

I went to see Wicked at the theatre last night and it [b]WAS WICKED[/b] lol
it was my crimbo pressie from a friend... another friend looked after the girls for me..what fab friends i have! and i really needed the night out, so thanks hun.
am planning on taking the kids to see City of Ember at the Vue cinema some time over the next few days..its a special kids AM show only £1.75 each so a bargain!!!! i love bargains!!!:lol:

wishing you all a very merry christmas x


Diane X

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Unknown said...

I got to see Wicked this year as well. My mom and I went it, was part of my Christmas present this year. And I loved it.I also just got to the book Son of a Witch. the second one in the wicked series so can't wait to start reading it.